The current market run is different lately

Usually in bull runs it doesn’t matter which stocks you pick.  Chances are good that a rising tide will float all boats.

However, have you taken notice that lots and lots of stocks are in full blown corrections or bear trends?

  • Take for example 3D Systems, down over 50% from it’s peak.
  • How about Tesla…down over 20% in the last few months.
  • Solar City took over a 40% haircut.
  • Amazon down nearly 30%
  • Facebook suffered 20%
  • Under Armour got a 25% block knocked off
  • Arcam, last years’ darling got halved.
  • Opko, 40% from peak
  • Netflix down a third
  • Lululemon divided by 2
  • Intuitive Surgical, massive losses
  • Soda Stream needs twice as much fizz to get back where it was months ago
  • Plug and Gogo = No Go
  • Bank of America is charging -15% interest on your money

All of this misery while the market is just points away from an all time high. Somewhere, somehow a quite correction took place and you didn’t even know. With a lot of these major stocks suffering massive setbacks without the index seemingly affected, when these recover the market could very well make much higher highs than we could have expected…just some food for though anyway.


What do you fellow Stockineers think?

Do you agree with my assessment and can offer other supporting evidence?

Do you disagree with my assessment and can offer contrary evidence?

Does anyone want to offer opinions on underlying fundamentals?

Post your comments below so we can build this site together.

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